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Below are answers to the most common FAQ's.

If you have any further questions or  would like further information, please contact us via the website

Is there a recognized hierarchy of rank and title?

Yes. Any martial arts group needs structure and a chain of command and communication.

Are there any costs associated with being a member?

Yes. There are expenses associated with running any organization. SKBR is no exception. However, there is no charge for membership, gradings or certification. Instead, we expect you to support the SKBR in any and every way reasonably possible. This means that you should attend SKBR events and proudly display the SKBR logo on your official stationary and marketing materials: Support is always a two-way street.

Will my present rank and title be recognized?

Yes. We will honour your rank and title

Will I be able to advance in my rank and title with SKBR?

Yes. The SKBR has some very senior martial arts masters in its International Grading Panel

Are there any rules and regulations which must be followed?

Yes. But they are simple guidelines for good behaviour with which you will already be familiar. Please see our simple Code of Conduct below

Code of Conduct

  1. Common Decency

  2. Politeness

  3. Mutual Loyalty, Support and Respect

  4. Always observe, respect and follow our chain of command

While this is a very short and simple code, it is expected that all members observe it at all times. Failure to comply will have disciplinary consequences up to and including termination of membership, rank and title within the SKBR and associated organisations. Good manners cost nothing but mean everything.

Our moral fibre makes up the cloth from which our character is cut.

In addition, it is expected that all members support the SKBR by regularly attending their events such as courses etc, which will help them with both personal and professional development

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