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Members of the SKBR experience a real “home” for themselves and their club and / or association.

A home in which they can feel comfortable and cared for.

All of our members matter, and, as long as they continue to act with integrity and support SKBRs values then they can and should always expect the full help and support of all other members and officers as and when they need it.


In addition to the help and support offered by the SKBR, membership opens up a number of opportunities for all our members:

  • Attend local, National and International courses with senior grades.

  • Access specialist, small group training in advanced martial arts techniques, some of which can lead to official SKBR / IMAS instructor qualifications.

  • Continued personal and professional development through our strong links with the Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences

  • Networking at the highest levels, both Nationally and Worldwide.

  • The possibility of advancement up to and including senior grades, thanks to the SKBR International Grading Committee.

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